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Achieving a brilliant balance and amazing alignment

I have facilitated in the fields of human resources management, organisational and personal development, leadership and management and community development for many years.

I have been conscious for most of that time that the world of work, and indeed our personal lives, are often unbalanced in terms of the energy we possess and that which we think we need, and that they lack alignment in terms of momentum. There is a serious mismatch of the gain achieved for energy expended, and that we have poor perceptions of our own success!!

My thinking has been illuminated recently by the world recession. Accepted economic theories have been unable to explain or cope with the world we are now living in. Accepted work-place behaviours and energies have failed to achieve a turn-around or even to bring a sense of optimism that a turn-around will come. And finally in terms of societal issues, the accepted dependence on state-benefit is no longer sustainable.

At the same time I am seeing a lot of very busy people, who in the old days would have been seen as successful, who are realising that their lifestyle and working practices have been out of kilter with who they are and what they yearn to be. And I’m seeing others who have developed a life-style around the trap of being benefit-dependent being forced (quite ruthlessly) to face their dependency.

Again, I am feeling and observing people and organisations turning to a more spiritual, nurturing set of thinking and behaving, recognising that emotional well-being and contentment might help to set them back on the road to economic and personal success.

This has all led me to think, and to chunk together the pieces of the jigsaw that I have known, and comprehended for years, but which until recently I have not found sufficient to be able to form into a coherent and complete picture.

The result is, in a few words, phenomenally powerful, eminently workable, and absolutely truthful – the result is that I can show you, your community or your organisation, how to understand and recognise where your energies are focussed now, and then to facilitate you to acknowledge where shift or change is needed in your focus in order to enable you, and/or your community/organisation to achieve your ultimate goals.

Like the best ideas, like sacred and spiritual thoughts, like the universe, it is beautiful, huge and complex yet also simple, straightforward , and winning.

Immersing myself in my experience with the benefit of an observer, we’ve extracted the key ingredients to attaining absolute balance so that we can align wherever we want whenever we want, with effortless ease and simplicity.

Having identified the key ingredients we’ve now facilitated over the past two years with individuals, communities and businesses to test our approach, achieving exponential, expedient and efficient results. And best of all we never had to measure return on investment as it smacked us right between the eyes every time.



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