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The Adaptive approach is just that, an approach, which translates just about anywhere from the business environment to the community to the personal domain of an individual. Our mission is to genuinely make a difference to the world by the facilitation we do.

We believe Eric Hoffer (1902- – 1983) when he said: "In times of change learners inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to work in a world that no longer exists."

The world is changing and we want as many organisations and people as possible to find their inner place to allow them to Adapt to the continuous changing times now and ahead.

In brief:

  • Coach
  • Organisations
  • Leaders
  • Teams
  • Managers
  • Groups
  • Communities
  • Individuals
  • Women

So What for The Adaptive?

Although we facilitate with organisations, rarely do we get asked the question, what are the benefits? Oddly enough there’s always an assumption that there must be a benefit somewhere in order to engage with us in the first instance and the organisation is clearly looking for… …something?

So we always start with the question; what do you want and how will you know when you’ve got it?

The Adaptive is simply an approach, not a solution in and of itself although we wholeheartedly believe that from the position of ‘wholeness’ and ‘balance’ anything is possible. We are limitless beings and, the only thing that stops us being that is, yes you guessed it, ourselves. It is we who limit, not others; it is we who make the decisions, not others; and it is our gift within, not with-out.

So the benefits to facilitating with The Adaptive approach is to firstly offer a balance that frees us of the restrictions, limitations and barriers that we perceive and from this place we can go anywhere, be anything and, do everything.

To really experience this, don’t just believe what we tell you, but check out what our clients say

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